United Protection Industries is committed to providing high quality security services without compromise to training, customer service, and management accountability.
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In our modern day society, where crime is ever on the rise and local police resources are stretched to the limits, security must never become a compromise. The days of low paid night watchmen are long gone, and today's Security Officers are well paid, dedicated specialists. UPI Security Guards are professionals in appearance, attitude and ability.

Trained Specialists

Our Officers are expertly trained and receive additional specialized instruction in accordance with post assignments and property specific requirements. UPI personal are trained to achieve higher levels and standards of competency, not only to comply with our legal obligations but also to assure our clients that the Officers we employ on their assignment meet or exceed all expectations.

Excellence Through Supervision

UPI's reputation of excellence is the direct result of sound supervision, policies, standards, and operational procedures. Supervisory Offices are fully trained in all security matters pertaining to the individual client location and are familiar with the surroundings and customer-specific procedures, reports, and post orders. Supervisors report to, and are directly controlled by, UPI Management, which in turn conducts frequent meetings to present property specific reports to clients.


With more than 30 years of experience in all facets of the security industry, UPI has established itself as one of the premier companies providing security for upscale gated communities and homeowner associations. As a result of our specialized employee training and procedures with emphasis on on customer service excellence, attention to individual client request and selective staffing, many of the most prestigious communities in the south land are satisfied UPI clients.


Since 1972, United Protection Industries has provided unarmed, uniformed security personnel for a variety of environments. We also offer patrol services and can provide you with Security Officers to serve as valet, doorman or receptionist staff. Whatever your security needs are, UPI has the experience and knowledge to provide you with comprehensive security solutions tailored to the specifics of your property. You can rely on our outstanding and dependable services.